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Save Time. Avoid Paper. File Online!

Discount Efile will electronically file 1099 & W2 forms with the IRS and mail recipient copies.

You enter the data, and we do the rest!

It’s simple, fast and completely secure.

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Simple, secure 1099 & W2 filing makes it easy to get forms done by the deadline.

No separate 1096 or W-3 transmittal forms needed! 

Choose e-filing only, or have us print and mail recipient copies too.

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arrow-yellow Step 1: Enter Your Data

Simply type in, upload from an Excel or CSV file or import from QuickBooks.

Payer information, recipient details, and dollar amounts are easy to add.

Options for Data Entry:

  • Use the QuickBooks Import if you use QuickBooks for vendor payments and payroll.
  • Upload an Excel or CSV file that you export from most other accounting software.
  • Manually enter data if you have just a few filings to complete.

arrow-yellow Step 2: Add to Cart and Submit

You control which forms to submit and when.

Don’t worry if you don’t have all of the information for all of your recipients. Just complete what you can and allow forms to accumulate in ‘Unfiled Forms’ until you’re ready.

Submitting forms is flexible too! Submit in batches by payer or form type, or any way that’s convenient.

Once you decide to check out, it works just like any shopping website. Add or remove forms from the cart as needed.

You pay only when you submit forms. Setting up an account and entering data is FREE!

arrow-yellow We Do the Rest! 

You don’t need to figure out efile software, or print forms, stuff envelopes or pay postage.

We Efile Your Forms

During tax filing season, we electronically file to the IRS and SSA daily.

You will receive an email notification once the agency has accepted your filings.

**DUE DATE CHANGE** W-2 Copy A forms (the red ones) are now due to the SSA by January 31! You no longer get extra time to file them, whether you use paper, or efile. Let Discount Efile help you get them done extra early and avoid penalties.

Deadline Change Details

We Send Copies

Next, we e-deliver, or print and mail, your recipient copies if you selected the E-File & Delivery filing option during the checkout process.

Recipient copies are mailed via U.S. Postal Service.

PDF versions of the recipient forms and payer copies are always available online for you to download.

We Communicate

We send you email notifications for:

  • Account set up confirmation
  • Payment acceptance
  • IRS / SSA filing acceptance, and errors
  • Mail date of recipient copies

Recipients are also notified when filing occurs and when the IRS and/or SSA accepts if an email address was provided

Forms must be submitted to Discount E-File by 12:00pm EST on Feb. 1, 2021 to be postmarked and e-filed by the deadline.

With the new, early due date for Copy A forms, we can help you get it all done fast!

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Get started setting up employee data, payer information and more.

Enter or import your data when its ready, submit it and you're done!

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